Build brand love.

The game has changed. Companies today are no longer in control of their brand messaging. Their customers are. The voice of the customer is king and it speaks with lasting and wide-ranging impact. Customers trust each other more than marketers and industry experts, and the social web amplifies their conversations.

For small and midsize businesses, where every sale matters, brand conversations between customers can be a tremendous asset…or a colossal liability.

So how does a company deal with this new landscape? The answer is simple: They become a customers-first organization, from the top down. They shift their thinking to incorporate the long-term view of doing what’s best for the customer. Always. They align each and every business function around customer needs and success. They make customer focus a core company value. They let their decisions, actions, products, and services demonstrate their affection for their customers. Only then will customers return that affection with their trust, loyalty, and love.

We can help.

“True customer focus isn’t a strategy—it’s a way of being.”

What is customer experience management?

Customer experience management (CXM or CEM) is taking conscious action to shape the experiences provided by your company. It should encompass all moments of truth—any time customers interact with or make a decision regarding your business, products, and services.

How does the social web affect B2B companies?

The social web isn’t limited to Facebook and Instagram. B2B customers congregate, search, and share on LinkedIn, Twitter, niche communities like Spiceworks and StartupNation, and in companies’ own online communities (SAP’s online community has over two million members). Whether or not you engage, conversations are taking place between your customers and prospective customers.

“Why” matters more than “What”

Customers identify with values. We want to do business with companies that are more like us. When your business leads with its values, your customers will connect more deeply.

Understanding the customer journey

Your customer’s journey, from awareness to purchase to advocacy, tends to be far more complex than one might think. These journeys contain critical, often overlooked, make-it-or-break-it experiences that aren’t being managed. Finding these gems pays big returns.