Eric Ullman, Chief Alchemist


Eric’s passion for delighting customers comes from 25+ years of fervent customer focus at B2B and B2C companies, including EMC, Retrospect, Rovi, and Roxio. He has held roles in sales, marketing, product management, and top management. He has been both employee and owner. He has worked for companies large and small, public and private, established and start-up. This broad background gives Eric a deep understanding of the barriers to customer-centric change and how to overcome them.

Eric believes one solution is for companies to behave more like people. When a company operates from values and a vision, employees and customers are able to connect emotionally. People develop stronger relationships with companies that act with trust, respect, and kindness. It becomes a competitive advantage. It increases employee engagement, builds customer loyalty, and drives business growth.

Eric’s personal vision for the world is one where all people are treated with love and equality. By helping companies become loved, Eric brings his vision one step closer to reality.


Craig Isaacs, CEO at Network Frontiers


Craig is CEO of Network Frontiers, where he is making their Unified Compliance Framework the cornerstone of IT compliance. Prior to joining Network Frontiers, Craig was president of Neon Software (acquired by SolarWinds) and vice president of sales and marketing for Dantz Development Corp. (acquired by EMC). Craig has long been a customer advocate. He knows that it’s easier to build a great company by retaining customers and earning their advocacy. Craig uses customer stories to steer business direction, foster partnerships, and connect with people. Craig’s conviction for doing the right thing shows in everything he does, engendering trust and loyalty.

Edward Bantlow, Executive Leadership Consultant


As an executive consultant and coach, Ed challenges individuals and organizations to continually improve. He learned the importance of delighting customers while moving up through two of the world’s best-managed companies: Altria/Philip Morris International and Johnson & Johnson. Having run two companies of his own, Ed understands the challenges that executives face in making customer focus a priority. His clients have included scores of public, private, and social sector organizations, including the federal government, major corporations, and leading non profits. Ed leads his life and business in meaningful contribution to the welfare and success of others.

Kathy Contreras, Independent Marketing Executive


Kathy has served as the top marketing executive for several companies, including Redspin, aMind Solutions, and BSI. Kathy possesses an uncanny sense for overall business strategy and employs it with great effect. Her award-winning partner programs excel at delivering benefits across multiple levels of customers. One of the reasons for the success of Kathy’s initiatives is her focus on what the customer wants. Far too much marketing today is spent telling customers what they need. Kathy prefers to ask, and that resonates with partners and customers alike.

Steve Wourgiotis, Strategy Execution & Leadership at BTS


Steve helps businesses align behaviors with strategy to realize their potential. He has worked with businesses of all sizes, from family-owned-and-operated to the Fortune 100. Steve delights in the pleasure his clients experience when they overcome “insurmountable” problems. His recipe for success is built on delivering client vision and outcomes, not simply completing projects. And that keeps his clients coming back for more.